• Born in 2015
  • Upgraded in 2019

EuroFood has born with the EXPO 2015 in Milano. Since then it has been applied for several programs including the AgroFood Masters and some company like Nestlé. It is a model which integrates long term to short term strategies as the products are related to the Cheese industry. A new version in 2019 increased the number of potential competitor on a single market and implemented the PUV theory to market response.

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  • Skills
    • Analysis
    • Strategy
    • Systemic vision
    • Planning
    • Business acumen
    • Team building

    AgroFood Masters and Food Industry companies for around 30 editions up-today.

    available on BusinessGamesOnLine webportal for universities and SoM : - www.BusinessGamesOnLine.COM

    and on Business-Gol dedicated to Companies and Institutions : - www.Business-GOL.COM