Our Residential Learning Programs

Our experience starts in 1991 with the first simulation-based-learning session. It was dedicated to Bank Branch Managers and was a model-play simulation which replicated the bank environment. Since then thousands of sessions were based on a variety of nearly 100 models, complex or simplified. How do we operate? with our internal professors, with a solid network, with occasional agreements, with talented consultants and trainers.
What can we offer? There is the widest variety of solutions which can be adapted for every learning objective and support different levels on different business, industry and functions.

Where we (& partners) deliver Residential Programs

Companies and corporate universities

Corporate universities. Change management programs. Sales. Strategy. Executing operative actions.

Schools of Management

For their own students and not only. Many SoM partners of Management Utilities use to deliver programs with our simulators.


At every level: for masters, MBAs, bachelor; mostly for long term applications but also for special events.

Public Administrations

Some of the most solid programs were built for police, defense, fiscal departments.

High Schools

Support students to learn more about their propension towards economic and relational skills and interests.


For individuals, small groups, communities who are interested to develop knowledge on economics and finance applied to their own micro activities or to life solutions.

and more...

The extreme variety of services and our privacy does not allow us to be trasparent apart from public events. But we can quote our services upon specific requests .
Please use the contact us page to get in touch directly.
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Which are our Advantages

To ensure memory retention and transferability of knowledge and skills across business disciplines, industries, cultures and contexts. Improve the confidence to make relevant business decisions in an uncertain and competitive environment. Maximize the impact of the skills and knowledge to drive fundamental change in organizations.

There is a list of simulation which are divided for specific sector or areas: General Management, Marketing, Operational, Sales, Retail, Trade, Finance. They are available in English and Italian; see the list to explore more about the content and the mostly used electives. You can use them inside your courses with your internal trainers, your trusted consultants, with BGOL experts or tutors.