Competitive interactive challenge

In a virtual environment several virtual companies compete one against the other. Each decision has an impact on the competitors results and performance. The list of competitive interactive simulations is the widest available. In GM we have: Euronet, Arkea, Arkea2020, EuroPUV, Euroshop, EuroFood. In the Marketing area: Millennium airlines, Hotel At your service, FastFerry. In Finance: Vertical. In Sales: SuperSeller, SuperSellerAdvanced and B2B, Distry, TalentBG. In Retail: MediaSim, HyperGame, StoreWar, GameShop. In the Operation: The SupplyChainGame.


How they work? The Interactive models represent the best way to test the capacity to react to competitors and to uncertainty. For these reasons they are crucial elements to support programs where strategy, planning, execution, implementation, tactics are involved.

How to choose a simulator in the range of the existing ones? The type of program and related simulator depends on the learning objective, the level of participants, the time available,... and the ratio between investments and results. The objective of a program cannot disregard from the task in terms of performance indicators that a participants will achieve during the program and in real job evolution; and the contribution it will give to its business, company, colleagues, team.

How to build/adapt a simulator to fit to your needs? All our programs can be supported by selecting an existing interactive simulation; or we can adapt to specific indications or even create a completely new one. Interactive simulations are easier to be designed and easier to be de-briefed in training programs; easier than model-play-simulators where reality has to be replicated with the lowest percentage of error.

Who can benefit? As said it is crucial that the participants are prepared to face a realistic challenge where the trainers must be prepared to be consultants, psychologists, trainers, tutors, motivators, experts of the models and have sufficient know-how of the business (virtual and real).